South Manchester Credit Union

Received by email at CSRG:

The South Manchester Credit Union has been providing Financial services to its members throughout South Manchester for 10 years, and has in the region of 2000 members, plus about 200 junior members.
A Credit Union is a not-for-profit co-operative of its members, allowing members to save and to have loans at very low rates of interest.
The Credit Union always welcomes new members, and anyone is welcome to join.
The Credit Union has a number of collection points throughout South Manchester (about 15) including at Northmoor Road Community centre on a Thursday afternoon and at St. Peter’s Church, Levenshulme on a Thursday morning, as well as collection points in Ardwick, Withington, Didsbury and on the Barlow Moor Estate. The Credit Union is always looking out for new volunteers to act as collectors at the collection points – perhaps for a couple of hours a month – or more if wanted. Full suport and training is given, although the work doesn’t require a lot of money skills.
If anyone might be interested in joining or volunteering, they can call at St. Peter’s Church on a Thursday morning between 10 – 12.00am, or they are welcome to phone either 224 5877 or 448 0200. The Credit Union also has a website.

Credit Unions can also be a good way for people who have difficulty accessing conventional banking services to build up a financial history, and they are an important alternative to loan sharks and expensive doorstep credit companies. For more information, visit the website of the Association of British Credit Unions.

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