Emergency SMS service

Did you know that if you have trouble making voice phone calls you can register your mobile phone to send emergency messages by text? Here’s the text of the leaflet about it:

What is emergency SMS?
If you have a hearing loss, or have difficulty talking, you might not be able to make a voice call from a mobile phone.
Emergency SMS allows you to use the text facility on your mobile phone to contact the emergency services and is part of the standard 999 service.
Since September 2009, the emergency SMS service has handled
hundreds of real emergency calls and thanks to its users criminals have
been arrested, lives have been saved and babies have been born safely.
It could be a vital service for you if you can’t make a voice call – register now!
Register to use the service by texting the word ‘register’ to 999 on your
mobile phone, then follow the instructions you will recieve. For more
information on the service go online at; http://www.emergencysms.org.uk
1) Register
2) Send an SMS text to 999
3) What happens next?
Please do not make test texts – only use emergencySMS for real emergencies.
To send a message, you need to state:
Who? Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance or Coastguard
What? Briefly, what is the problem.
Where? Exactly where is the problem.
Give the name of the road and town. Plus more information such as a house number or nearby landmarks eg: Church, School, Pub
The emergency service will either ask for more information or will tell you that help is on the way. Don’t assume that your message has been
received until the emergency service sends a message back.
A ‘delivery report’ doesn’t mean your message has been received.
It will typically take about 2 minutes before you get the first reply. If you don’t get a reply within 3 minutes please try again or find other ways of getting help.

Using the service
Please do not make test texts – only use emergencySMS for real emergencies.
For example, if:
● a person’s life is at risk
● a crime is happening now
● someone is injured or threatened
● the person who is commiting a crime is near
● there is a fire or people are trapped
● you need an ambulance urgently
● someone is in trouble on the cliffs, on the shoreline or is missing at sea.
If an emergency happens we advise you only to use SMS to contact the emergency services if you are unable to use the voice 999 or the text relay 18000 service as this method will take longer.
Remember you will only be able to use the service if your mobile phone is registered. This is a UK-wide service but it CANNOT be used from abroad.
As with the standard 999 emergency calls if you misuse the service
action may be taken against you; this will include, but not be limited to your mobile number being barred from this service.
For more information visit http://www.emergencysms.org.uk
For further fire safety information or to book a Home Fire Risk Assessment (HFRA) please visit http://www.manchesterfire.gov.uk
A freephone number 0800 555 815 is also available to book a HFRA

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