Alley Gating Update

For several years now CSRG and various individual residents of the area have been trying to get alley gating implemented on the streets around Cranswick Square. The committee recently wrote to Manchester City Council and some of our supporters, saying:

“re: our application for alley gating, which was made 2 years ago. We received letters saying we would be receiving ally gating, but I cannot find out any more infomation.
We bring this point up now due to increased anti-social behavior in the allies and increased house robberies within the square. Also in the last couple of weeks we have had youths comming through the alleys and pulling our hanging baskets off the walls and pulling up plants. Though you may say it’s only a couple of hanging baskets, it’s undermining all us as a group and what we are trying to do for the community. We need to protect what we have done and what we want to continue to do, and feel alley gating is a very important part of the work we are doing.”

The current situation for the alley gating schemes on Cranswick Street and Driffield Street, in a Council reply to this enquiry, seems to be as follows:

“Cranswick Street, Moss Side (Ref. 097212)
This is currently at Stage 6 of 10. We have asked Highways for permission to install gates and await their decision. If they grant us delegated powers we can produce the Submission Report for my Line Manager and the Exec. Member of Neighbourhood Services to sign. Once signed the whole file can be passed to our City Solicitors for them to obtain the legal closure we require. After all the above has been done our contractor can then be instructed to install the gates.”


“Driffield Street: The odd side of Driffield Street (1-35) was successfully gated approx. 2 years ago. I do not know of a scheme to gate the even side… I’m afraid there isn’t any funding for new alley-gating schemes at this time.”

CSRG will continue to chase up the existing promises of alley-gating, and will support new applications if funding becomes available in the future.

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