Help win solar panels for Manchester

Hulme-based sustainability group the Carbon Co-op are in the running to win a TV competition which could help put community-owned solar panels onto Manchester’s roofs. if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare just follow the instructions below to help out. It will also give you access to lots of useful information to help you cut your own climate change emissions and energy bills…

We’ve put in a bid to the Energyshare programme for Manchester Carbon Coop, it’s one of those Hugh ‘Riverford Cottage’ Fearnley-Whittingstall-type popularity contests and it gets awarded on the basis of how many supporters we can get – which is where you come in.
Supporting our application involves a few simple steps:
1) Visit:
2) Click on the red button: Support this Group in the top right hand corner of the Carbon Co-op graphic.
3) A white box appears, click on the blue Sign Up button and register – it takes 30 seconds to generate a password and add your email address, postcode etc.
4) You are then sent an email with a link back to the Energyshare website. Click this & it will confirm that ‘your energyshare profile has been activated, and you’re now a supporter of Manchester Carbon Co-op’.
5) You are then also free to access the great information, resources and online tools availble to help you cut your own energy use.

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for this article.

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