The Triangle is open

On Thursday 26th May, some local dignitaries, including Tony Lloyd MP, councillors Alistair Cox and Roy Walters and officers from Adactus, Mosscare, City South and Manchester City Council got a sneak preview of work on The Triangle. This area of formerly derelict land has been transformed by the incredible hard work of Cranswick Square residents into a welcoming green space, with flowers boxes and raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables, fruit trees and an area for local people to relax and socialise. Supported by small cash grants from the council and housing associations, all the work has been designed, planned and carried out by residents from the surrounding streets (plus some much-appreciated hard labour from student community volunteers).
The official opening of the Triangle will be on Sunday 29th May, when all are welcome to come and see what the hard work and perseverance of Cranswick Square’s residents has achieved. And if you can’t make it, here is our new gallery of images of The Triangle, from the early days until just a week ago. And here are my favourite images, of the raised beds being built and of our local hero Phil passing on some of his skills…

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6 Responses to The Triangle is open

  1. dwighttowers says:

    Congratulations to all the Cranswick St people for their hard work!!

  2. Geraldine says:

    Fantastic! Where is it?

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