Update on Moss Side Community Allotment

Thanks to all those who have already contributed to work days at the Community Allotment. So far, the raised beds have been built and almost filled. Five fruit trees, two fruit bushes, five rows of early potatoes and various herbs have been planted.
Next weekend (14th and 15th April), four tonnes of topsoil will be delivered. The raised beds and planters will be finished and prepared for planting, the area for the second potato crop will be dug over and lots of new crops (including salads, courgettes and more fruit) will go in.
That means there is lots of work to do, so all are welcome. If you want to get involved and receive info on when work sessions take place, please email Phil on phdodd@hotmail.co.uk. Don’t forget, only those who contribute get to benefit from the amazing fresh produce which will be coming from the allotment (indeed, it’s already started – the first spring rhubarb was picked today!).

And here is a gallery of photos to show what we’ve been up to so far, as well as some nice new blooms starting to make the Triangle look beautiful for the spring!

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1 Response to Update on Moss Side Community Allotment

  1. This is great. I’m glad to see someone setting a good example for land use.

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