Moss Side Community Allotment open day

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th September, is Moss Side Community Allotment’s grand open day. There will be members of the allotment team there to answer questions and show you the amazing strides we’ve made in less than a year. There’ll be refreshments and you’ll be able to sample some of the local, organic produce we’ve grown on the site this summer.
You’ll also be able to find out about future plans, including the chickens which will be coming to live on the allotment in a couple of weeks’ time, the ponds which we’ll be building to attract frogs and newts to keep allotment pests down, the wildflower gardens planned to help attract bees and other beneficial insects, and a proposed herb garden.
Moss Side Community Allotment is about creating a welcoming environment where local residents can work together to get to know one another, reduce our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, produce cheap, nutritious fresh fruit and vegetables for us and our families, get exercise and fresh air, and generally have fun!
BBC Radio Manchester will be broadcasting live from the open day at 11.45 if you can’t make it down.
The Open Day runs from 10am, and more information on this and other allotment open days around Manchester can be found here.

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