The Triangle: A Moss Side Story

When Cranswick Square Residents Group started out, on the edge of our consciousness was the piece of grotty, derelict land which was a blot on our patch. Sitting between Edith Avenue, Lloyd Street South, Driffield Street and Cranswick Street, it has now become known as The Triangle, and thanks to the incredible hard work of Cranswick Square residents and other volunteers, it is now developing into a haven for local people to chill out and grow fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, and hopefully for local birds and insects to start visiting and setting up home. Here is the The Triangle’s story in pictures, from the first plans in 2010 to tackle this project to the eve of its grand opening in May 2011.

2 Responses to The Triangle: A Moss Side Story

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  2. Julia M Farrand says:

    Hello there, my name is Julia and I am treasurer of the very recently set up ‘The Streets Residents Association’ which covers Seedley, Leslie, Rawcliffe, Dunworth and the half of Crofton Street that adjoins us. Aymi Lee from Adactus took me to have a look at your triangle last week and I was well impressed! I am also going to be joining the allotment project on Bowes Street and hope to get digging as soon as I get a key. I believe Phil Dodd is involved in this also? So may meet you soon. We have just secured a bit of funding for hanging baskets, and a street party on Hallooeen. Can’t spell it, sorry. I am literate but spell check has destroyed my ability a bit. Mailing to do a bit of networking with other local residents groups. Our association is open to anyone on these streets – tenant or home owner. So feel free to spread the word! Amyi is also putting in large bid to get trees on these streets. All best, Julia (Farrand).

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