On Video

The Media Clubhouse programme at CSV made a brilliant video in 2010 about the difference Cranswick Square Residents Group has made to our area of Moss Side:

Kevin Duffy of DuffyMedia also made a video about CSRG’s quest to find the owners of The Triangle between Cranswick Street, Edith Avenue, Driffield Street and Lloyd Street South:

1 Response to On Video

  1. Joe Mclaughlin says:

    I remember this land well I think (not 100% sure) it was owned by the council who provided rented garages for residents who lived on Edith Avenue and Lloyd st. It was probably inherited by the land and property section of mancity council. My best guess is that it was probably later inherited by Mosscare Housing in the mid 1970’s but thats a guess! Needless to say once the garages there fell into disuse nobody took ownership. There is the possibilty that a few housholders have the land within their deeds as the deeds went to the middle of the back alleys. However, it could be unadopted and basically the responsibilty of all the adjoining properties to maintain, so doing it up is ok.

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