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If you’d like to contact Cranswick Square Residents Group, please email us on We’re happy to help publicise events, projects and opportunities which could benefit or be of interest to people in the Cranswick Square area and Moss Side generally – please email information you’d like listing to the Gmail address above. If you have any problems with or comments about this website specifically, please get in touch with the website manager via her site. Please feel free to leave public comments on any page of this website if you have views or information to share. If you want to get in touch with the Residents Group privately, please use the email address above and be assured that all messages will be treated in strictest confidence.

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  5. Col says:


    I would like to arrange a visit to your garden with my group ( I visited before with the Leaf St group, and I think this group would find you’re project really inspiring also.

    In the future, we are hoping it might be possible to hold an open meeting about a site for another community garden planned to happen nearby on Carnforth Street ( Might that be possible?


  6. Sarah Carruthers says:

    Dear Residents,

    My name is Sarah Carruthers and I am currently a 4th year architecture student at the University of Edinburgh.

    As part of my dissertation I am exploring the responses to design-led urban regeneration to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. I intend to analyse the urban regeneration intentions posed by the local authority against the actual outcomes experienced by the residents. In order to do this I am looking at the case of Moss Side, Manchester and Stepney, Tower Hamlets. The areas were selected because they each have differing crime profiles as well as socio-economic backgrounds. More specifically, I am studying the responses from the Maine Road Housing Estate, Manchester and the So Stepney and Vivo Housing Estates, Tower Hamlets.

    I would be grateful if the link to the survey could be circulated amongst residents. This will allow me to gain insight into the actual outcomes of the urban regeneration policies employed by the local authority. It will also give me answers on how each estate uses social cohesion to become a more integrated and resilient community towards crime and anti-social behaviour.

    I can only rely on the answers from the residents so I urge as many of you as possible to spare a few moments to complete the survey. Your answers will be kept anonymous.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

    Sarah Carruthers

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